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Empowering Installers, Developers and EPC Partners

While many project finance firms have been started by bankers, venture capitalists or real estate developers, New Resource Solutions was founded by a veteran solar installer in order to provide a better financing solution for all project stakeholders.

Traditional practices were slow and costly, and lacked an understanding for other project stakeholders and the process while missing opportunities for collaboration and efficiency.  Reflecting this core difference, we appreciate the critical role of our partners and empower them with advanced development tools built to accelerate development timelines, reduce transaction costs and provide an easier and more enjoyable experience for them and their customers.

Our unique, technology driven process centers around one core concept: to efficiently and transparently connect clean energy projects with permanent financing solutions, adding value to all parties throughout the process.

If you also see the potential to do things better, contact us to learn more about working together.

  • Faster and simpler financing process
  • Instant PPA pricing in real time
  • Sales tools, collateral and form documents (white labeled for your brand)
  • Flexible financing able to do small projects
  • Guidance and training for your team
  • Sales support and collaborative communication your client
Federal Hocking Local Schools solar array

A beautiful 679kW solar array on the roof of Federal Hocking Local Schools in Stewart, Ohio.

Project Partner Tools


Stranded Projects Database

New Resource Solutions has started a Stranded Projects Database for solar projects. A primary goal for NRS is to unlock previously uneconomical solar projects, and this effort will help us do just that.

We have found that numerous projects have trouble securing funding for various reasons (e.g. too small, uneconomical, poor customer credit, poor utility policy, failed PPA negotiations, etc).  We are keeping a record of those projects for two reasons:

  1. To help NRS better understand the main drivers causing projects to be stranded
  2. To provide NRS with target projects ready for funding as we identify creative solutions to remove the barriers in place today.

Add your projects today!

Project Finance Pricing

In order to provide you with the most efficient and highest quality valuations and project pricing, please use our pricing intake form and email it to

Whether you are an investor, project developer, or are seeking a clean energy solution, we look forward to welcoming you to the NRS community.

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