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An Easy and Safe Way to Invest Directly Into Clean Energy Projects

Our team of experts navigate the solar project financing ecosystem so you don’t have to. For decades, access to attractive, asset-backed clean energy projects has been limited to large investors with dedicated in-house teams. The NRS approach provides efficient deal sourcing, development, risk assessment and project management, allowing a broader community of qualified investors to participate in the new energy economy.


Local Investment, Local Benefits, Local Impact

Investments in clean energy can align multiple stakeholders’ triple bottom line objectives. In addition to environmental and social benefits, such projects can provide:

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Annuity-like stream of contracted cash flows
  • Support renewable power and energy independence
  • Diversified portfolio of projects
  • Largely uncorrelated to the larger market


A Complete Solution

New Resource Solutions (NRS) offers qualified individuals, investment funds, endowments, and foundations a simple and efficient way to directly acquire clean energy generation projects.

Our team works with a carefully vetted network of established partners that build clean energy projects serving schools, municipalities, non-profits, and others. After passing through a careful pre-acquisition diligence process, we can also provide complete project management services during construction.


Whether you are an investor, project developer, or are seeking a clean energy solution, we look forward to welcoming you to the NRS community.

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