New Resource Solutions

Automating solar development and financing for the commercial market

We empower solar developers and investors to find better partners and transact with better tools


Let’s face it, completing a PPA project is chaotic. It’s complicated, time consuming, and full of inefficiencies. When you narrow it down to the few hundred of really smart (or crazy) players that develop or finance commercial solar projects, this chaos still exists, as every developer and investor approaches the process in a radically different way.


New Resource Solutions is changing the way commercial solar projects are financed.

We have financed over a billion dollars in projects over the past 10 years, and we are SICK of how inefficient this process is. That’s why we launched Conductor Solar, a better software tool for this market. Developer and investors can seamlessly transact with one another using consistent tools, expectations, and processes. They also can find one another based on fit.


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