Stranded Projects Database

Since our founding, New Resource Solutions has worked with numerous developers, EPCs, and investors to finance projects. 1MW+ projects with investment grade credit are easy to finance, but many developers and EPCs we’ve spoken with have at least one project sitting on their books that currently seems “unfinanceable”. At New Resource Solutions, we call these Stranded Projects.

Just because a project is stranded does not mean that it is unfinanceable. In our minds, stranded projects are just projects that need the right type of investor or creative financing approach to move them forward.

With that in mind, NRS is maintaining a Stranded Projects Database. Our goal is to collect projects that have had difficulty attaining third-party financing due to size constraints, credit issues, offtake type, etc.   While there aren’t any guarantees we’ll be able to get your specific project financed, the more projects we know of with a given problem, the better we’ll be able to find a solution to solve it.

Please fill out the form below and tell us about each of your Stranded Projects.  We will reach out to you if we need more information or think we may have a path forward to financing and construction.